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There are many different types of beards, to which each one has a unique look that can be styled in different ways. Some beards are long and full, whilst others are short and trimmed. There are also many different beard styles to choose from, including the goatee, the mustache and beard combo, and a fully grown beard.

Beard fashion is always evolving, to which there are many different styles to opt for. However, ensuring that your beard looks well-maintained plays a large role in your appearance and how others perceive you.

Beard grooming kits are the best way to ensure that you have the facilities to keep your beard in check and looking sharp. It is obvious that nobody enjoys a shabby, rough and unkempt beard. At Bladez & Co, we offer our customers our infamous ‘Beards & Mo’ collection with all necessary beard grooming kits and products to keep all our men looking fine.

Bladez & Co offers a variety of men’s beard grooming kits and products from leading brands such as Proraso, Bossman and Top. Maintaining a beard requires love, care, dedication and commitment, whereall us Aussie beard enthusiasts can settle on the fact that a beard care kit falls under the essentials.

Why Beards And Mustache Grooming Kits Are Worth The Hype?

For those who think that beard and other men’s grooming products are just a part of overhyped fancy commodities created by the fashion industry must take into account the several benefits of grooming one’s beard.

Grooming your beard helps it grow.

That’s right, the first step to groom your beard or mustache is to use a comb. Soft comb bristles stimulate the hair follicles which promotes hair growth.

Facial hair help keep acne at bay.

It’s time to say goodbye to a razor. Mustaches and beards keep your hair follicles and skin surface at bay from bacteria that can cause acne. When you use a razor, you expose your pores and give bacteria a chance to clog it. Growing a beard helps you keep the acne away.

Say goodbye to infections.

This will probably come as a shocker but beards have been known to keep infections away from the mouth by acting as a protection barrier. Adding more to your surprise, there is evidence to document this claim as far back as the year 1875. A beard can protect you from many common throat infections.

Your immune system loves your beard.

Why? It’s because of the protection provided by your beard as stated in the point above. Especially if you have diseases like asthma, your beard and mustache will filter toxins that can find their way in your system.

Pull off the sexiest looks with your beard.

As we said, we’re all about helping the boys look absolutely dashing.

Combing becomes so easy once you start grooming your beard and maintaining it. Beard oils in Australia help nourish the hair follicles and add a pleasant fragrance to your Beard Balms in Australia help nourish and style beards, whilst our moustache grooming kit ensures that your mighty moustache stays in shape!

By using the right products, your beard will look thicker and luscious, indicating healthy growth. Our Australian beard products available on our wesbite help you combat against dandruff and itchiness while also nurturing the ideal condition for healthier hair growth.

At Bladez & Co we want our customers to have access to high quality products such as our range of best beard growth and beard grooming kits that make managing a beard easy. We want our customers to look sharp and carry themselves with confidence. With the help of our Men’s beard grooming kits that feature beard oils, moustache waxes, beard balms and more, you can keep your beard in check.

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