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Before Nike’s Air Jordan entered the game, all basketball shoes were just white. This statement itself is witness enough to tell the world today how the sport of basketball went through a magnitude of changes once Michael Jordan joined the league! The launch of Michael Jordan’s franchise has truly brought about great change in both the game and the industry. The journey has been truly transforming. The deal signing in 1984 gave birth to one of the most successful franchises on the planet today.

Access to exclusive Air Jordans has been limited to women historically. It was only in the last few years that this trend went through a sudden change. Aleali May, Olivia Kim, and many other such collaborators were called in as Jordan Brand started designing and creating coveted clearways specifically for women!

Jordan sneakers for women feature in their origin story dating back to 1988. Female-focused sneakers became a thing when the Women’s Air Jordan OG debuted. Nike then went on to expand its range for women as it introduced a few women’s sneakers in 2001. These new arrivals were a series of retros, namely: the “Citrus”, “Metallic Silver”, and “Pink Snakeskin” Air Jordan 11 Lows.

Even though Air Jordans were used specifically for the sport, street fashion has seen an evolution of style as Jordans bring more appeal to the street and serve as a common ground for generations all over the world! Women’s Nike Jordan shoes have gained crazy momentum worldwide.

Women’s Jordans havenow become a best-selling product, even on Bladez & Co. We pride ourselves on offering the best models of Women’s Air Jordans in Australia that has been introduced to the world throughout these years!

All this information shrugs the vast borders of the actual essence of what this brand and franchise hold towards the sports and fashion industry. To summarise a legacy worth 40+ years is just impossible. Contemporary art, music, dance, and most importantly the fashion industry have seen the magnitude of effect brought about by Michael Jordan.

Reasons Why Air Jordan 1 For Women Is So Popular:

People who have followed the introduction of Jordans in the market and its growth will easily understand why these sneakers are so popular compared to the rest. In the past few years, Jordan 1 Women’shave become a must-have for every wardrobe. Women’s Jordan 1 brings a dash of status and style to anyone buying these hot items!

  • High-Quality Performance Product

    This is not your basic pair of sneakers. The main reason why so many people endorse and swear by Air Jordan sneakers is that they have proven to be products that provide a superior performance scale time and again. Yes, many great products are available in the market today, but nothing compares to the comfort and great fit provided by Jordans. Let’s not forget the breathtaking look of every piece crafted ever under this name.

  • Comfort And Support

    It can be challenging to find a pair of shoes that do not cause discomfort even after you’ve worn them for several hours. We are always looking out for durable and comfortable shoes that can offer maximum support. This is why Air Jordan’s happen to be one of the most popular shoes on the market. For people who suffer from plantar fasciitis and heel spurs, Air Jordans over extra cushioning for support.

  • High-Quality Materials

    What did you expect? It's Micheal Jordan!

    Nike’s Air Jordans are made with the highest quality materials available. This is why the price of these shoes falls more on the expensive side. But, as compared to many other high-quality sneakers on the market, Air Jordans still don’t turn out to be exorbitantly pricey. Compare it with other high-performance, high-quality shoes to get an idea of how well these sneakers are priced!

  • Recognition:

    We all know how well and widely recognised Air Jordans are. Created by one of the best sportsmen in history, Air Jordans are endorsed by numerous celebrities and sportsmen. Athletes, entertainers, actors, you name it, they all have a pair of these beautiful shoes in their wardrobe and they swear by it! Air jordans truly invoke value and desirability,

  • Limited Release:

    We all already know how most of us wait for a sweet release from this brand. To get our hands on Air Jordan. Everyone wants their fair share of this exclusive release!

  • The High-End Sub-Brand Of Nike

    Air Jordans are not just a pair of shoes that were created with the intent to offer a new product for the market. This franchise grew from the love of sport, by one of the greatest players, for people who believe in dreams and pursuit. Nike is not just selling Jordans as a product, but also as an emotion. This psychological factor that motivates the masses to favour a brand like that is truly sensational.

Air Jordans As Good An Investment As A Birkin Bag?

In 2022, a pair of Air Jordans worn by Michael Jordan in 1985 sold for a whopping half a million dollars, $560,000 to be precise. Today, after almost two decades of Michael Jordan retiring from the NBA, he is still one of the most successful figures in the world today.

He is the second most richest former professional athlete in the world and ranks #11 in Forbes ‘World’s 15 Richest Black Billionaires’! This is what makes a pair of Air Jordans a worthy long-term investment and puts it at par with prices possessions, such as Rolex watches and Hermes Birkin.

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Almost every single day, thousands of Air Jordan 1 pairs are sold, easily making it the most popular item on Bladez And Co. Customers have an array of products to choose from in the Women’s Air Jordan collection: From Nike Dunk High Women’s to Air Jordan 1 Mid GS. Different colours, designs, and price points are what make Bladez & Co the most trustworthy source of securing genuine Air Jordan sneakers.

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